Lyle D. (British, JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow)

I have had the pleasure of a weekly one-to-one Japanese lesson with Shiomi-sensei for over two and a half years. She is a consummate professional. She is patient, considerate, kind, well-prepared, humorous, and encouraging. She has been able to adapt the lessons as my priorities have changed (from conversation practice, to supplementing my Japanese classes at Kyoto University, now to reading kanji). Her fees are very reasonable considering her superior quality, plus her range of interesting facial expressions are worth the fee alone! I recommend her without hesitation and feel very fortunate to have found her.

Claudia M. (Swiss, Retired)

During my stay in Kyoto for 3 weeks, I took almost daily lessons with Sachi-san. She is a very patient and nice person and a very professional teacher. She was always well prepared and the lessons were customized to my needs and requests. I could ask anything about grammar but also about daily life in Japan. Although I studied hard, we had fun together and laughed a lot. Sachi-san has very good English skills and surprised me from time to time with her knowledge in German. I‘m glad I chose her as my private Japanese teacher. I can highly recommend her.

Otto P. (Austrian, Professor of Law and Philosophy)

Learning Japanese is a challenge for everyone who has not had the fortune to be immersed in this language as a young person or who does not have the time to dedicate as many hours to studying as one would need to become a concert pianist. Sachi-san has the ability to guide you most pleasantly through all difficulties, to show you the weaknesses to be corrected, the exercises to be repeated, while giving you access to real texts of most various kinds. Without this encounter with living Japanese, my sojourn would by no means have been the same. With all my gratitude, I highly recommend her.

Michael M. (American, Analyst)

I have been studying Japanese on and off for decades and was aiming to try to revive my skills through intensive lessons with Shiomi-san over the course of a few weeks. Shiomi-san expertly prepared several weeks of highly useful and effective material that exactly fit my needs and goals. She is endlessly creative in thinking of how to convey grammatical concepts, was extremely responsive to my requests to add new goals, and was very thorough in helping me reach them. I highly recommend her lessons. She is a top-notch teacher committed to moving students to a higher level. She is also very patient and kind.

Cavan & Julie Hall (Australian)

We are Australians and travel a great deal. Finding a patient, native Japanese speaking teacher in Kyoto who was able and willing to come to our rented Kyoto house was important to us. However I am reluctant to write too many positive things about Sachi-san because we want her all to ourselves. She was articulate, meticulous, incredibly well organized and extremely patient. Her linguistic skills were also strong in English therefore explaining our faults and pronunciation was very helpful.
Sachi-san also taught us to write Hiragana and Katakana. This was and is a challenging and interesting hurdle for both of us so, we are continuing our lessons by Skype on a weekly basis whist we are home or traveling abroad.
We will return to Kyoto next year and will feel more proficient at being able to read and write in Japanese.

Winston K. (Singaporean, Lawyer)

Shiomi-san is a top-notch Japanese tutor. Despite studying Japanese for 2 years, I was unable to hold a conversation fluently. When I visited Kyoto for 6 weeks, I conveyed this to Shiomi-san and she carefully designed a curriculum to fit my needs.
Shiomi-san taught me the requisite linguistic skills and cultural insights needed for a native-level conversation. She was proactive in rectifying my weaknesses, and she also incorporated creative role-playing to ease my learning curve. I have benefited tremendously from Shiomi-san and I recommend her effective teaching pedagogy to students of all levels of proficiency.

Malte W. (German, Mathematician)

Thanks to Shiomi-san, my Japanese got into a much better shape. With her structured teaching, the big variety of approaches and some remarkable role playing she brushed up my grammar and gave my a strong self-confidence even in Keigo and the like.

Yrjänä L. (Finnish, Professor of art history)

Language carries culture, therefore it comes to live and is explained to a student most effectively through examples, which can be found from the culture and are epitomized by it. This is particularly well taken into account in Shiomi-san’s teaching, thus making her Japanese lessons both compelling and effective.
I have had the opportunity to take Shiomi-san’s lessons both face-to-face in Kyoto and via Skype. In both situations the lessons have had an appropriate pace, and they have been structured to support and encourage the student’s progress. Shiomi-san's teaching style is clear, accurate and detailed. In addition, she can explain any linguistic problem point also in proficient English.

Fabio G. (Swiss, Sociologist)

Although my requirements are somewhat unorthodox, Shiomi-san is the perfect match and has helped me a great deal with preparing a wide variety of lectures and papers. She has not only provided me with the help I needed, but was also proactive in identifying my linguistic weak points and helping me erase them. I can highly recommend her as a teacher who is willing to immerse herself into a topic and who can teach you not only what to say, but also how to say it.

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