Lesson Style

Customized one-on-one lessons and small group lessons

Students of all levels are welcome. I respond flexibly to students' requests.

As a language instructor, my aim is for students to learn Japanese through a variety of exercises that are both fun and informative. I focus on communication as well as using textbooks because I would like students to speak the language as much as possible.

Students can use their improved Japanese skills in various situations, such as:

  • Daily conversation: from casual to business Japanese
  • Processing paperwork
  • Attending meetings
  • Writing emails
  • Writing reports and theses
  • Speeches and research publications
  • Making teaching plans using Japanese
  • Enjoy staying and traveling in Japan
  • Enjoy learning Japanese as a hobby

In addition to giving lessons, I provide students with local information on Kyoto willingly.

My students in the Academic, Educational and Artistic fields, have a high regard for my classes.

I am also happy to customize lessons for international people living in Japan, self-employed people and travelers. I can prepare lesson plans ranging from survival Japanese to giving lectures at university in Japanese.

If students would like to improve their Japanese rapidly for work, I could prepare a rigorous course that includes homework. If they'd like their stay in Kyoto to be stress-free, I'd prefer to teach the language more casually.

Please share your objectives of learning Japanese with me. I will be committed to providing lessons tailored to your needs , so that you will feel happy to have me as your teacher. While you are taking my lessons, I am open to receiving your questions on non-lesson days as well.


Monday to Friday except for Saturdays and Sundays.
Flexible hours 9:00-17:00.



Your office or home, Kyoto International Community House, cafe, etc. in Kyoto City. If you'd like to have a lesson at a cafe, please kindly choose a quiet non-smoking place.

Online lessons

Skype or other online lessons are also available. Please read fees page for details.

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