• Name: Sachi SHIOMI
        塩見 佐知(しおみ さち)


Born in Kyoto

  • 1990    Kyoto University., Dep. of Education (graduated)
  • 1992    Licenced by the Minister of Education
           to teach Japanese as a Foreign Language
  • 1995-2006 Japanese teacher of The Kyoto Center for Japanese
           Linguistic Studies, Kyoto Japanese Language School
  • 2006    Certified by ACTFL as a tester of
           Japanese Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)
  • 2008-now  Freelance Japanese teacher
  • 2022    Published an e-book (Kindle) under the pen name Riko Tone.

    • Member of NPO Research Institute for Japanese Language Education
    • I specialize in teaching pronunciation and fluent speech.

Hobbies and interests

Reading/ cooking/ traveling/ listening to classical & ethnic music/
Collecting picture postcards/ Wandering around Kyoto

I live with my husband and our youngest daughter in Iwakura-naka-cho, Sakyo Ward. The oldest daughter is working in Tokyo.
I am often described as having a cheerful and earnest personality.

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