She possesses me.

 Accent dictionary

There are a lot of different Japanese accents throughout Japan, but the Tokyo accent is considered the standard one. We can find big differences between the Tokyo and Kansai accents. (The Kansai accent includes not only Kyoto, where I live, but also surrounding areas such as Osaka, Kobe, Nara etc.) For example, take the word "hashi". In Tokyo when you pronounce it with a high pitch on the "ha", it means chopsticks, while with a high pitch on the "shi" means bridge. However, in the Kansai region, it is the complete reverse

Despite being from Kyoto, I teach using the standard accent as it is the most useful for my students. But even after teaching for twenty years, I have to admit that I still need to check my "accent dictionary" when getting ready for a lesson and I come across a word where I am unsure of where the high pitch should be.

The problem is I can't use my dear accent dictionary halfway through a lesson. But I have a great technique that works every time! I think of Ms. Miyuki Morita who used to be the anchor person on the NHK news for a long time, using her elegant standard accent. (NHK is Japan's national broadcasting corporation.) I just imagine her reading the word I am facing. Then I feel as if her voice replaced mine and I say the word the correct way. Could you say that during this phenomenon, Ms. Morita "possesses me"?

Ms. Miyuki Morita