want to be officially crazy

Shimenawa of Treasure Boat at Kamigamo Shrine

A professor told me the following story:
She feels like she is not well-balanced mentally. For example, she sometimes feels very attached to her boyfriend. On the contrary, she loves her solitude, sometimes does not care about him and gives an impression that she is acting cold towards him. So she thinks married life would be difficult for her.
On the other hand, she talks with her mother on the phone every day. She noticed that it was too much and limited the talking time to within 20 minutes, but still every day.
She began to think of herself as crazy, and visited a famous neurologist to ask for a diagnosis to send her to a psychiatrist. However, the doctor came to the conclusion, after examining several categories, that she was quite normal. That disappointed her very much, because she really wanted the testimony that she was officially crazy.
The story was so funny and interesting that I laughed myself to tears. Now, the professor is my student, and I feel she is just great, far from crazy.
(She gave me permission to post this blog.)