SS Private Japanese Lesson in Kyoto City

beetle 1


beetle 1

From an escalator of the department store

Beetles are the kings of insects for children in Japan. It is great fun for small children, especially boys, to go to hills and mountains during the summer holidays with nets to catch beetles, which are often on oak trees. If a boy can capture a beetle, he is a hero among his friends. They treasure beetles in their cages at home and take great care of them. The friends sometimes meet, together with their beetles, and let them fight with their horns. They are really special insects. Therefore, department stores sometimes attract customers who have little boys using beetles. Have a look at the site; the clerks are showing beetles to children. This store gave away one free beetle to each child, and every one of the boys and girls looked very happy.

The boys look really intrigued.

shining beautiful beetle




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