One day, a German-speaking student of mine asked me, "What is the Japanese word for 'Trittbrettfahrer'?". He said that meant a person who does nothing by themselves and just takes credit for other peooples' work. "Trittbrett" is "footboard", and "fahrer" is "rider" or "taker" in English. I found some similar words in Japanese. They are:
"koshiginchaku" = barnacle; "kingyo no fun" = goldfish excrement (as it doesn't drop and sticks to the fish); "yuurei buin" = ghost club member; "shiriuma ni noru" = to ride on a horse on its buttock behind somebody; "tanin no fundoshi de sumoo o toru" = to do sumo wearing another person's loincloth; and so on. They are interesting but I think the nearest one is: "namae dake" = name only or "tadanori suru" = to steal a ride.